BRL500 Recoil 500A Battery Isolator with Terminals

  • BRL500 handles 500 Amps continuous and 700 Amps Surge
  • Eliminates multiple battery drain as it stops battery bank from getting power from each one
  • Prevents the equipment from discharging the main battery when it is operated while the engine is off
  • Does not create a voltage drop to the second battery like a conventional isolator
  • Extends battery life.
  • Excellent waterproof performance, high quality in any weather conditions

Recoil battery isolators can be used as a battery or circuit isolator to allow your alternator to charge more than one battery, but keep your main battery from being drained when the vehicle is not running.

Additional information

Weight 1.79 lbs
Dimensions 3.93 × 2.95 × 3.81 in


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