SAM65 Premium Level One Series 6.5-Inch Car Audio Component Speaker System

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Recoil Premium 6.5” Component Speaker System. Peak Power – 280 Watts (Pair) | RMS Power – 140 Watts (Pair)

The SAM65 tweeter design requires a highly time-consuming labor-intensive process where the fine fabric diaphragm is shaped into a dome and then treated with a special precision coating. SAM65 tweeters offer the most accurate, nuanced, and detailed high-frequency performance in the world.

The SAM65 mid/bass driver is built on a rigid, die-cast solid aluminum frame and features Recoil’s characteristic paper cone with coating. This innovative and unique paper cone is a precisely shaped, geometrically optimized form to enable smooth, optimized sound dispersion.

The 1” voice coil uses extremely light aluminum wire wound on a Kapton former, the coil remains extremely lightweight to enable ultra-fast movement.
SAM65 comes with audiophile quality two-way passive crossovers. Only the highest quality components selected solely on the basis of their sonic properties are utilized. The extreme fine-tuning and complete flexibility of the crossovers allow the SAM65 to realize the full extent of its highest performance capabilities.


Nominal Diameter 6.5″(165mm)
DCR(Ω) 3.4
Frequency Response(Hz) 65-20K
Voice Coil Diameter 1″25.5mm
Power Rating(RMS/Peak) 70W/140W
Fs – Free Air Resonance 65
Qts 0.63
Qes 0.79
Qms 3.15
Vas(L) 8.3
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 90dB
Xmax(mm) 3.5
FRAME Aluminum
Magnet(OZ) 15
Cone Paper + Coating
Voicecoil KSV
Crossover Point(Hz) 3100
Tweeter Diaphragm Silk Dome
Tweeter Level Adjusment 3


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The Recoil SAM65 6.5-inch 2-Way high-performance component speaker system delivers unequivocal sound quality and performance for the most enhanced listening experience. Embodying the most innovative and exclusive driver technologies, drawing from our latest advances in speaker design, Recoil’s SAM65 speaker is more powerful, more refined, and more sophisticated, and set a new performance benchmark.

Featuring a Nitrile Butadiene Rubber surround and a unique paper glass fiber cone, as well as a high-temperature 1-inch voice coil, every aspect of these speakers is of the highest audiophile grade.

The paper glass fiber cone coupled with the premium Nitrile Butadiene Rubber surrounding the mid-range portion of these speakers allows them to be extremely responsive across a wide range of frequencies. Furthermore, these SAM65 component speakers feature 1-inch high-fidelity silk dome tweeters that deliver incredibly rich, crystal-clear highs. The SAM65 is the perfect option when looking to upgrade your vehicle’s sound stage.

2 reviews for SAM65 Premium Level One Series 6.5-Inch Car Audio Component Speaker System

  1. Mark Mellman (verified owner)

    Learned of this company from Robot Underground. Liked the reviews on them and finally gave them a try. WOW I am very impressed with these components!!!! I’m hearing things in tracks I’ve never heard from other speakers.
    Thank you Recoil keep up the great products and awesome brand

  2. Aaron waltz

    I bought a set off Patrick at robot and I can say the SAM65s are the cats meow, genuine audiophile grade components at a crazy low price…. I’m glad pat brought them to my attention they were a really nice upgrade I’m my 95 mustang gt. I had the recoil blues I had grabbed couple years ago or something and I was really blown away at what I got for $35 at the time… I didn’t even know who recoil was they were intended to be a temporary “cheap” speaker “for now until I can afford something nice” then I hooked em up and was like wow wait a min these sound great and realized that this was obviously a get the recoil name out there price….so they definitely stayed….but pat did a vid on the sam’s and they looked so sexy so I had to hear how they sounded so I installed them and upgraded to the recoil 600.4 amp at the same time and wow the combo sounds great( I will say when I hooked up the new amp with the echos still in they really woke up and sounded great) but the sam’s took everything to a new level….silky smooth rich clear lows and mids and the highs are crisp and clean. I’m so happy Im thinking to buy a set for my big SQL system in my grand caravan that has a 3 way active front stage. I have piece mealed a front stage together silver flute 6.5s, 3″ Dayton reference mids and had Dayton amt’s but they popped so I have Klipsch tweeters temporarily installed and it sounds pretty good but I definitely am contemplating replacing whole thing with sams and at some point using the recoil 3.5″ midrange driver to replace the Dayton’s they look exceptional. If the sam’s sell so they stick around a 3 way component set would be a nice option with a mid driver that aesthetically matched the high end looking gold tone plating. My knowledge of what’s out there for brands and products and there value and quality is pretty good and I can say if I’m looking for a product and recoil sells it that’s what I’m going with. Recoil made the right decision to sell quality products that are affordable yet have honest descriptions and ratings utilizing high end features like clip lights ect. Vs go the route epsilon, maxxonics, boss corp of mass producing cheap over rated budget gear aimed at Walmart crowd just to make fast money but they all have the reputation as cheap junk where they way recoil is going there getting a ton of praise across the YouTube world by the bigger channels and at some point could be considered one of the go to quality brands. I’d love to see recoil delve into the really high performance gear realm like 5k+ amps and 2500w+ competition subs. That would be pretty sweet. Quality products at a reasonable price it will sell…. Keep up the great work!

    • recoilaudio

      Thanks so much for the review and for the business, Aaron!

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