SPB8 Foldable Silicone Speaker Baffle Kits for 8″ Speakers

Recoil’s patented foldable silicone speaker baffle kits are designed to improve the directional flow of sound waves and focus them into the cabin. It perfectly seals the speaker against the interior panel.  The egg crate captures the back wave reflections of the speaker. It also offers waterproof protection for speakers. The foldable ring fits different speakers’ installation depth. Recoil patented silicone speaker baffles (US Patent 10,582,296) create a tight and secure seal around your speakers. The soft silicone reduces panel-to-frame and door panel reverberation and road noise for optimal sound quality. The front ring is foldable to guide the sound wave into the vehicle cabin.

The egg crate foam helps create a barrier between the speaker and the metal door, it improves sound by preventing sound waves from bouncing back. Our baffle offers to drop water protection to the speaker if folded out. The bottom half can be folded twice or trimmed for simple customization to match the proper mounting depth, as to not change the audio performance of the speaker. A lot of doors have water leaks between the window and the door gasket.

Recoil baffles are engineered with high-quality silicone which lasts a lifetime. The silicone material is much more durable and eco-friendlier than foam and EVA baffle, gasket, or ring These baffles are available in most car speaker sizes including 8″. Our silicone baffle rings are the most simple accessories you can install to make your speakers sound amazing.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.63 × 9.63 × 3.93 in

5.25", 6.5", 6X9", 8"


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