STT-K3 Silicone Non-Slip Flexible Tool Tray Organizer Trio Pack

Multi-Purpose: Silicone tray organizers keep your tools, screws, parts handy and visible. The bright Blue color lets you easily see your tools and hardware. The soft and flexible silicone material will not damage or scratch a delicate surfaces. They are suitable for various working environments, such as automobiles, house decoration, airplanes, ships, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, electronic products, handicrafts, etc.

Specially Formulated Silicone: Recoil flexible tool trays form flat, curved, and irregular surfaces. This unique material holds tools up to a 70° angle. Each silicone tray is heat-treated to withstand heat up to 500 degrees. They are non-magnetic and will not attract any metal chips. They are also resistant to oil and non-corrosive chemicals, like brake cleaner, gasoline, engine oil, Skydrol, et. Silicone material allows for the easy cleanup of grime, dirt, and oil

Portable Design: These tool organizers are designed with a space-saving nested tray for easy carry; Each smaller tray can be stored in the large tray; Easily take tools anywhere you go

Convenient Compartments: The small trays are perfect for holding hex keys and bit sets; Medium trays are ideal for wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and other hand tools; Large trays are excellent for larger tools and hardware. work in an orderly manner. Improve your work efficiency

Small Tray Size: 10.7 Inches x 5.7 Inches x 1.0 Inches;
Medium Tray Size: 10.7 Inches x 8.6 Inches x 1.0 Inches;
Large Tray Size: 21.0 Inches x 11.6 Inches x 1.3 Inches;

Additional information

Weight 5.56 lbs
Dimensions 21.22 × 11.79 × 1.51 in


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