REC2D True Spec 2 Farad Power Capacitor with Blue Digital Display

Why do you need car audio capacitors?
A loud and bassy car audio system is great, but it can also hinder other parts of your vehicle. An overpowered amplifier can drain the juice from your battery, dim the car’s lights, or strain the alternator. To help alleviate any issues or potential damage, you should hook up a high-quality Recoil power capacitor. It works like a smaller version of your battery and stores energy to be used for other electronic components, such as the amplifier.

True Spec 2.0 Farad 20V Surge Volt.

  • Combination carbon capacitor & electrolytic capacitor
  • Improves sound quality – cleaner mids and highs
  • Low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
  • Solid brass top helps to reduce stripping

Platinum plated. (2) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG power inputs and (2) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG ground inputs. Digital volt meter (blue)

Carbon/Electrolytic Hybrid Capacitor Technology
Electrolytic caps generally have a faster recharge rate but less power in their reserve. Carbon capacitors are the opposite of their electrolytic counterparts. While they are able to hold more power to divert back to the amplifier and the entire audio system, they will not be able to recharge as quickly. Recoil introduces a blend of both electrolytic and carbon capacitors, which have super-fast charge rates but also reserve more power.

Additional information

Weight 4.14 lbs
Dimensions 12.97 × 9.63 × 3.93 in


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