Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Power Distribution Block

car audio distribution block

New installation or upgrade of your car audio system brings new expectations. Making a huge investment to enhance your audio system performance with an expectation that it would be reliable, safe, and serve you with the perfect audio quality, is no doubt a justified response. However, avoiding mistakes while upgrading your system is crucial for these expectations to come true. This text will introduce you to the most common mistakes you can avoid while using a car audio distribution block.

Upgrading the Distribution Block: Why is it Required?

Improving the performance and stability are the two main reasons you might want to consider upgrading the distribution block. Being a component that manages the power supply to all the other parts of your car audio system, including the amplifiers, speakers, and sub-woofers, the distribution block tends to be crucial. Increasing the components in the system for a better audio output, experiencing excessive heat in the audio system, and needing to improve the sound quality are some of the major reasons why the car audio distribution block might demand an upgrade.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Power Block

Awareness of the role and indicators of a distribution block upgrade is not enough. Here are some of the common errors that should be avoided while using a distribution block:

  1. Using Incorrect-Sized Power Block: Recall the role of a power distribution block! To supply enough power for the components to function properly, right? Choosing the incorrect size is one of the most reported mistakes, which results in malfunctioning, leading to unexpected distortions in the sound quality.
  2. Overloading the Distribution Block: Another mistake you must avoid is overloading the power block. Each block comes with a mention of the power limit (e.g., power distribution block 12v) that it can extend to. Be sure to calculate the power that is required by the components and avoid overloading.
  3. Using Incorrect Gauge Wire: The gauge wire is an essential element for the connection of a power block. Using a gauge wire that is not of the appropriate size may lead to electrical failures. Determine the correct requirement and ensure using a gauge wire that can handle the expected amount of flow.
  4. Not Grounding the Distribution Block: Grounding a car audio distribution block is essential to ensure stability. Many people forget to do that. Therefore, this point makes its way into the list of common mistakes. Make sure to properly ground the distribution block to avoid system instability, noise, and damage to the components.

Keeping a note of these points will ensure that you use the power distribution block 12v properly.


The expectations of keeping your car audio system safe and reliable can be fulfilled by avoiding these common mistakes. Recoil Audio, along with delivering a high-quality product range, tends to guide customers to follow the right steps so that our products serve with the same quality and durability they are designed to provide. Our rapid-response customer support successfully ensures complete satisfaction and Worry-free musical drives!