REM525 Echo Series 5.25″ Component Speaker System

Lightweight thermal-formed Polypropylene cones enable faster midrange response. Surround/Cone Coupling utilizes a high temp adhesive which assure the cone and surrounds do not separate in high power uses. Nitrile butadiene rubber surrounds provide durability and deeper mid-bass impact.

1” silk soft-dome tweeters feature oversized voice coils for greater heat dissipation and higher power handling resulting in smooth, fatigue-free highs. Ferrite magnet motor creates a strong magnetic field while remaining small enough to fit nearly every application. Made to fit most cars for versatility and convenience. The mount allows unparalleled flexibility whether you flush or surface-mount your tweeters. A triple-level tweeter volume adjustment helps compensate for less-than-perfect speaker placement, and can even be set to suit your personal listening preference and musical taste.

  • Peak Power: 200 Watts (Pair) 
  • RMS Power: 100 Watts (Pair)

Additional information

Weight 5.07 lbs
Dimensions 14.7 × 8.53 × 2.75 in


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