MLOC4 4-Channel Smart Micro Line Output Converter with 10V Output and 12V Remote Turn-On Trigger and 60 Ohm Load Impedance

Add an amplifier to nearly any radio with Recoil MLOC4 Stereo Line-Out Converter. Experience true sonic accuracy at any volume level with all the sparkling highs and thunderous lows of your original audio. Unlike traditional LOCs the MLOC4 is designed without inductors to deliver a completely flat 20Hz-20kHz frequency response at all volume levels. Using nothing more than your factory speaker wires the innovative MLOC4 automatically converts the speaker signal into both an RCA signal and a powerful 100 milli-amp 12-volt remote wire using DC offset. Powerful enough to turn on multiple amplifiers the 12-volt remote wire delivers plenty of power without hunting for a switched 12-volt power source. Accepts up to 80 watts (20 volts) of input signal and delivers up to an 10-volt output signal.

Why do I need a smart LOC?
Today’s modern OEM smart radios have incorporated a protection circuit that will shut off or distort audio on one or more channels if the load on the OEM radio is not within a specific impedance range. This Recoil smart LOC features 60 Ohm load which is fully compatible with standard radios and most smart radios.

The World’s smallest 4-channelmicro speaker cable to RCA line output converter. Use MLOC4 when adding an amplifier to a factory radio to convert the radio’s speaker level output to the low amplifier (RCA) level input

Takes as much as 80 Wattsof input signal and delivers up to 10 volts of output. Flat 20Hz-20kHz frequency range at all volume levels

Features 60 Ohm Loads to ensure uninterrupted audio playback when used with most OEM smart radio.

The speaker wire is made of 99.99% oxygen free copper for superior bass response and signal clarity.

Provides 12-volt for amplifier remote turn on with LED indicator.

Super compact design allows for easy installation.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 4.7 in


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