Having Bad Sound from Your Car Speakers? Bass Blockers Might Be the Solution

Bass blockers for speakers

If you’re the type that enjoys listening to loud punk rock in your car and you love hearing the bass guitar on the highest possible note, bass blockers are just the thing for you. These incredible devices will surely help you listen to sounds as they are. They will also help you eliminate the shaking and unclear rattling sounds that come from speakers without bass blockers.

Who knows, you could hit it off with friends when they see how you like your sound purified. There is kinship in music, and bass blockers might just help you here.

Bass blockers for speakers are simply the best solutions to a common problem that music lovers who own cars face. They are also easy to get and inexpensive. What’s more, they are easy to install. Read on to learn more about bass blockers.

What Are Bass Blockers?

Bass blockers are basically filters that help eliminate the low frequencies that usually damage your speakers. They are also very useful tools for car speakers that were not made to reproduce bass. Also, they help speakers provide clear signals and maintain the equalization of speaker systems.

Furthermore, bass blockers eliminate low bass frequencies in the signal that goes through the filter. Low-frequency sounds are usually the reasons for those annoying and rattling noises when using your car speakers. And to top it off, bass blockers are cheaper than external equalization systems and devices.

Basically, bass blockers are designed to improve the power and performance of midrange speakers and tweeters. Many of these bass blockers can handle about 50 watts of power.

How Do Bass Blockers Work?

The installation of bass blockers is key to unifying frequency responses in car speakers. This corrects some things, such as speaker rattling and production of low-frequency sounds, allows your speakers to deliver sharper and clearer bass sounds, and helps you preserve the lifespan of your speakers.

The Problem Bass Blockers Solve

Many cars have small speakers in the dash and bigger speakers in the lower part of the doors. These speakers are usually on the car radio’s front channels. When you want to add an amplifier or change the car radio, you get the rattling and sound inequality problem.

Because of being on the front channel, both speakers will be getting the same signal(s). When this happens, the bigger speaker is prone to playing more of the mid-bass. As a result, the smaller speaker (on the dash) begins to overcompensate. This usually leads to a distorted sound. It could even damage the speakers seriously.

Nobody wants their car speakers spoilt (how else would they have fun while driving?). This is why many use just the smaller speaker to eliminate sound distortion. But then, why have a bigger speaker and not put it to use? This is where bass blockers for tweeters and speakers come in. With them, you can use both speakers and eliminate distortion at the same time.

With bass blockers for speakers, you are not bothered by painful bass sounds from your car speakers. You will get a better and more refined sound and enjoy your songs as a result. Also, they are much less expensive than external equalization systems and devices.

Final Words

You can find bass blockers in just about any store in the United States of America. Both small and large retail stores will surely stock it on their shelves. You can also get it online; many online retailers, such as Amazon, will surely have it in stock. The problem might be getting the brand that would offer you pure sound and last long in use.

One place you will surely get quality bass blockers is Recoil Audio. Recoil Audio sells various types of sound products and also offers sound services to homes, businesses, and events that need them. You can get bass blockers for tweeters and for speakers here, and trust that it will serve you in quality and for a long time.